Create and send invoices automatically

More automation for your accounting

Especially in accounting, the same tasks occur again and again: Create, check and send invoices. Check and post incoming payments. Create and send reminders. Our goal with teamspace is to relieve you of as much work as possible in this process. This leaves more time for the essentials and for the accounting department it needs no more than an occasional control glance.


Our roadmap for more automation in accounting is as follows:


  1. Create, validate and send invoices automatically.
  2. Import incoming payments via interface and automatically mark invoices as paid.
  3. Generate and send reminders automatically.

With version 2023 of teamspace we have already done step one and can provide our users with the automatic invoice run in a beta version.

Automatic invoice run [beta]

The invoice run is controlled via the order. There you can set which steps the invoices should go through: Should they only be generated, validated or also sent? Also the already known action “Create invoice” in the action box of an order now allows to select the desired target state of the invoice. In addition, you can enter the earliest next invoice run, for example at the beginning of the following month.


Within the invoice run, various checks can be performed automatically. For example, invoices can be excluded from a run if they contain expense items, or the run is only executed if the invoice contains only duration items, such as a subscription, rent or licenses.


To view the current status of invoice runs, the Order Confirmation list has an additional “Invoice Run” column. This allows you to quickly and easily see in which mode the invoice run is currently working and whether the last generated invoice is in the desired status. If a check is not fulfilled, e.g. because the invoice contains expense items, a separate status message informs the user that the invoice must be manually validated or sent.


To improve the clarity, you can also limit your selection via the filter, both time-related and according to the status and mode of the invoice run. If desired, you can also execute an invoice run manually at any time. Via the multiple selection this even works for several orders at the same time.
An overview of the shipping status of your invoices can be found in an additional menu tile “Invoice Shipping”. There you can see how many invoices you have written and whether certain invoices need to be manually processed.

If you wish, you can use the configuration to set a series date on which the invoice runs are automatically started in the system, e.g. at the beginning of the month or at the end of the week.

Write invoices automatically

Would you also like more automation for your accounting? Then simply contact us directly. Our consulting team will be happy to support you in the implementation of your wishes. You can get a first impression of teamspace with our personal test account.