Our Price Packages


14 €

per User / Month

You want to collaborate online in a team? With the Light package you can exchange information, organize tasks or work on files together. Track working hours and manage vacation and sickness of your team members.





19 €

per User / Month

The standard for companies that want to digitize their business processes and strives for a strong solution for employees, customers and departments. With teamspace, you enjoy the benefits of paperless and automated processes.

In addition to functions from Light:


39 €

per User / Month

The all-round carefree package for companies that want to manage complex processes. The Pro package is the ideal solution for extensive projects, approval processes or want to optimize your sales.

In addition to functions from Standard:

Individual Software Solution?

You want a solution that integrates into your existing IT landscape? To do this, you need certain functions that significantly improve your processes.


Just talk to our consulting team, we will find a suitable solution for you.

Our Support Packages


During our service hours we are at your disposal by mail & phone.

Consulting & Support 150 €/h
Reaction Time* 48 h

0 €

per year


Benefit from a lower consulting price and even faster support.

Consulting & Support 120 €/h
Reaction Time* 24 h

480 €

 per year


A consultant takes care of your concerns quickly and effectively.

Consulting & Support 100 €/h
Reaction Time* 8 h
Contact Partner
for Consulting

990 €

 per year

* within our service times (08:30 am till 5:30 pm)

Out Hosting Models

teamspace Hosting

We host teamspace for you in a data center in Germany. As a result, you benefit from a number of advantages:

One-time Setup: 190 €

Own Hosting

You want to host teamspace on your own server? No problem.

One-time Setup: 1.000 €