Custom Menus per Department

Standardized Processes – Individual Look

A business software should support your team in their work as good as possible. For this purpose teamspace offers standardized processes that have proven successful in many companies. It is also important for success that your employees intuitively find their way around the system. A uniform user interface based on the “one size fits all” principle is often of little help here. That’s why the user interface, menu and dashboards in teamspace can be extensively customized.

Customized User Interface

No two companies are the same. Therefore teamspace offers a menu that can be customized according to your needs. You want to align the menu items with your processes? No problem.

menu worfklow

Alternatively, many companies resort to a menu structure that is based on functional areas.

menu departments

Subordinate menu items can also be freely configured. This gives you maximum freedom in compiling your user interface.

Create different menus

Since September 2022, you can also create several different menus and assign them to different user groups. This gives you the option of adapting the menu individually to the requirements of your departments.

Your sales department, for example, could then work with the following breakdown.

The project office (PMO), on the other hand, uses a completely different menu.

mainmenue example-02

All employees use the same system, but it presents itself to each in the way he or she can work best with it. This offers several advantages:

Company-wide dashboards

The teamspace user interface is based on tiles. Each tile represents a specific content that can be accessed by clicking on it. However, the important info about it can already be found on the tile itself. So they are quick navigation and dashboard in one.

For each menu item you determine individually which tiles are displayed there, in which size and which color. What the user sees in the end, however, also depends on his permissions.


An example: Only those who are authorized to view the vacation overview of their colleagues will also have access to the corresponding tile. All in all, this results in very versatile possibilities to design the user interface of teamspace according to your wishes.

homescreen example

Personal home area

Every user has a personal home area, which can be accessed by clicking on the company logo. There, employees can bundle all contents that are important for them. They determine which tiles are displayed and have everything important at a glance. Companies also have the option of displaying certain tiles company-wide. They are then automatically available to every employee.

Want to know more?

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