Digital Employee Record

Manage Personnel Data Online

Forget about paper and manage your personnel data in the cloud. With the teamspace software you store employee data securely, well-organized and according to data protection legislation.

In the Cloud

Save HR data online. This way, your entire HR team has access – no matter if they are in the office or at home.

Secure and confidential

With teamspace you store personal data securely encrypted and comply with data protection legislation.

Store Employee Data digitally

Store your employee data digitally in one central location with teamspace. This way, you don’t have to search, but find what you need immediately.


You simply store all relevant data in the digital employee record.

Store important Documents

Over time, many personal documents need to be stored securely. In the teamspace digital employee file, you always have a digital copy at hand.

Plan and document personnel development

With teamspace, you permanently develop your team by defining personal goals and setting incentives. Easily schedule trainings, advanced trainings and staff meetings. Track achievements with certificates and protocols.

Skill Management

Actively manage your team’s knowledge and skills with teamspace. Create any skills within the categories of professional, linguistic and social competencies. You can assign an individual rating to each of them.


Skills also help you with project and capacity planning, because you can immediately see which team member is available and best suited for a task.

Extensive Authorization System

In teamspace, your personnel data is fully protected. You can precisely specify which employees have which access rights. This way, your HR team also maintains a complete overview.

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Replace Paper Folders with the Digital Employee Record from teamspace

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