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Welcome to teamspace! In the following we would like to show you how to navigate through the system to find the information and elements you need for your work. First, we will introduce you to the user interface and its structure. The most important parts are:

Main Menu

Main Menu | teamspace

At the top of the screen you will find the main menu. With this you can browse through the different areas of the system.

You can configure both the main menu and the tile area in the tile menu. The labels of the areas and the contained tiles can be adapted to your requirements, so you determine the structure of your system yourself.

Instructions and Video Tutorials

During your trial period you can click on „Instructions and video tutorials. Here you can access instructions on how to get started with teamspace, contact our support team or request a personal offer.

Tile Menu

If you click on any area, a tile menu opens. Similar to a browser, the tile menu shows you which area and area level you are currently in. By clicking on the “burger” you switch to the top level. The house icon takes you to your home area.

Tile Menu | teamspace

Tile Area

The tiles in teamspace serve both as a dashboard and for navigation. Many of them have a preview that summarizes important information for you at a glance. The My Tasks tile, for example, shows you how many projects, appointments, etc. are currently pending for you.

If changes are made to an element in teamspace that affects you, you will be informed automatically. These messages are displayed as a red circle in the main menu and the tiles of the tile menus. By clicking on it, you can view the message and access related elements.

Favorites Area

Here you can create any bookmarks and design them according to your preferences. Favorites serve as quick access for items or lists that you need frequently.

Search Bar

Use this to search all functional areas of the current module for a specific element. Use the plus symbol to add a new element to the module.

Home Area

When you log in to teamspace, you first start in the home area. This is structured in the same way as the tile menu. Here, every employee can configure which tiles and thus information is displayed to him.

Home Area | teamspace


Across the right side of the screen stretches the Sidebar. It offers you various practical functions:

Sidebar | teamspace

Own Profile

Here you can customize the design of the user interface, make your personal settings and log out.

You can also switch team members from here. By doing so, you jump into the account of a team member and see the system as it would look for your colleague.

My Colleagues today

In the colleagues overview you can see all your team members. An icon next to the names indicates whether the colleagues are currently checked in, on break or absent. You can also send a personal message to your team members via the chat icon.

Global Search

You can use the search bar to search all modules for an element. In addition, you can find your last used elements here and quickly access them again.


Here you find an overview of all bookmarks you have created in the system and can open them.


Here all notifications are collected, which you have received or read in the last time. You can switch between unread and read messages and mark the latter as unread again.

Private Pinboard

On your private pinboard you can pin any teamspace item, e.g. a note, an open task, a project or an invoice. This way you bring order to your work and save elements for later use.

Phone Interface

If an interface with your telephone system is set up, you can see incoming calls and your phone calls of the last days here.

Help & Information

Here you can find more information about software and support.

Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the screen is where you control your time tracking, among other things. With a click on the Capture button, you can check in and out or log out for a break.


In addition, you find the chat function, through which you can communicate with your colleagues, and the support mode, which allows our customer consultants to assist you with application questions after your trial period.

Status Bar | teamspace

Element Lists and Data Lists

When you click on a tile in the tile menu, you get to a list. These are a central element in teamspace, because they provide you with an overview of those elements you are currently interested in (e.g. orders of the last month or currently open invoices).

Element & Data List | teamspace

If you are looking for a specific element within the list, you can use the search bar to filter specifically for it.

Filter Dialog

Using the funnel icon to the right of it, you can adjust rows and columns of the list according to your needs:

Active Columns:

You determine which columns are displayed to you in the list. Use the plus symbol to add more columns. This way, you can significantly expand the information that the list shows you and tailor it specifically to your requirements. You simply re-sort existing columns via drag & drop or delete them via the “x”.


Use this to limit the list entries to those elements that are of interest to you. Depending on the list, a whole range of possible filter settings are available to you.


Many lists can be split. The list entries are grouped according to the selected criterion, e.g. by month, project or editor.


You can customize the way lists are displayed according to your preferences. Depending on the list, you can choose between a detailed view, a tile view or statistical evaluations in addition to the usual view.


The period buttons allow you to narrow down the list entries to a specific period or change the currently viewed period.


Use the star symbol to mark a list as a bookmark. You decide which name the bookmark should get and in which tile menu it will be displayed. All filter settings and changes in the display that you have made will be applied. This way you can compile your own reports, which are available to you with just a few clicks.

Quick Filter

Some lists provide you with additional Quick Filters. You will find them in a separate box on the left side. This allows you to quickly apply frequently used filters to a list. In the ” Offer management” list, you can quickly switch between open and commissioned offers in this way. In the “Project overview” you can switch between different project types at the click of a button.

Context Menu

Use the context menu to perform actions that affect multiple list entries or the list as a whole. For example, you can use the multiple selection to change the master data of several elements at once or print the entire list or export it to Excel.

New Elements

You can add new elements to the list using the “+” icon.

Detail Manager

If you want to take a closer look at an element in teamspace or make changes to it, simply click on it. You will then land in a detail manager. These have a typical structure:

Detail Manager | teamspace

Detail Manager Menu

Elements in teamspace have their own menu bar that allows you to quickly get where you want to go. The individual menu items differ depending on which element you are currently viewing. For organizations, for example, you will find an overview, the master data and activities related to the organization.

Info Box

In the info box in the upper left corner you will find a summary of the element you are currently viewing. Here you can find all important information at a glance. In the case of a customer, for example, this includes the address as well as assigned tickets, receipts, and contacts. Using the buttons above you can pin the element to your pinboard, share it with team members or call up further actions.

Action Box

If there are certain actions for an element that are frequently processed in a workflow, you will find them in a separate action box below the summary.

Kontakt | teamspace

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