Preparatory Payroll Accounting

Prepare your Company’s Payroll Accounting

As a software for preparatory payroll accounting, teamspace provides you with everything you need for payroll accounting. This includes fixed and variable salary, overtime payments, commissions and much more.

Employee Data

All employee data is stored centrally and securely in teamspace. Here you will find all important master and contract data.

Working Hours

teamspace automatically documents vacation, sickness and overtime for you. The ideal basis for your payroll accounting.

DATEV Export

Simply export the data from the preparatory payroll accounting to DATEV and forward it.

View Employee Data

In the digital employee file you will find info on your team members, this also includes all relevant data for your payroll accounting, e.g.:

Pay Commissions and Overtime

Set an individual commission scheme for your employees. This way you can easily manage bonuses and commissions for your month-end statement.

With teamspace you can automatically track overtime. Overtime can be paid out if desired. You decide whether monthly or upon request of the employee.

Activity Report & Timesheet | teamspace

Export Payroll Accounting for DATEV

Export the data from the preparatory payroll accounting for the tax consultancy or the accounting department in your company. This works quickly and in a uniform format via the DATEV export.

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Digitize your Preparatory Payroll Accounting with teamspace

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