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Tickets with System: The Solution for your Customer Inquiries

Is your mailbox no longer able to cope with the large number of customer requests? Then rely on ticketing software. teamspace specializes in ensuring that your team can process incoming requests as quickly and efficiently as possible.


As ticketing software, teamspace bundles incoming requests by mail and phone. Your team can then systematically process the requests. You can see at any time when a ticket has been received and the status of its processing.


Incoming mails automatically land in your system as a ticket. You can work with them in the same way as with mails in your inbox. However, tickets can do much more: define people to work on them, workflows, due dates, and much more.

Phone Calls

Simply keep track of incoming calls as a ticket. This is particularly easy with the teamspace telephone interface. Whether landline or Microsoft Teams video chat, phone calls are automatically documented and can be further processed.

Document Ticket Processes

Incoming requests are assigned a unique ID. All processes are assigned to their ticket based on the ID. This means that follow-up emails, for example, automatically end up back in the original ticket. You can also record telephone calls directly in a ticket.


This helps your help desk because you always keep an overview and collect everything that belongs together in the ticket. This is much more practical than scrolling through mail histories and saves your team valuable time.

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Define Ticket Workflows

With the teamspace ticketing software you can easily define which work steps your team should complete and in which order. To do this, you use any ticket status. A simple workflow could then look like this, for example:


A new request has been received in your ticket system and is waiting to be processed.

In progress

The request is currently already being processed by a team member.


The request has been answered or the issue has been successfully resolved.

The ticket status can then always be moved precisely from one state to the next. This way, you and your team always know exactly what still needs to be done. Of course, you can define your own ticket statuses, e.g. for follow-up questions, releases, postponed or canceled tickets. Simply recreate the ticket process you want with teamspace.

Ticket Channels and Permissions

Bring order to your customer inquiries. Use ticket channels to ensure that inquiries end up in the right place, e.g. service inquiries at the help desk and prospect inquiries at the sales team. Set up as many ticket channels as you like and define who can read and edit entries.

A comprehensive permissions system lets you determine exactly who has access to which ticket channels. Both observers with read access and subscribers can be set individually.

Invoice Tickets

teamspace is also an ideal solution for your support helpdesk. You would like to invoice processed tickets to the customer as well? No problem with teamspace. Thanks to integrated ticket billing, you can issue invoices for your ticket support in no time at all.

The required working time can be easily assigned and is automatically transferred to the invoice. The appropriate address data comes from the CRM module. This way, you create and send your invoice on the fly.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Escalation Levels

Are you contractually bound to response times or would you like to optimize your service level? Then escalation levels are ideal for you. You can use them to control whether tickets automatically change channel after a certain time or release the owner.

If a team member is sick or on vacation, for example, you can ensure that his or her tickets are still handled. In this way, you comply with your SLAs and ensure that all requests are processed on time.

The ticketing software also shows you the time that has elapsed since the ticket was received directly on your preview card. For this purpose, you can store your own color codes in the form of a traffic light. If there is a need for action, you can read this directly on the respective ticket.

InternalTicket System

Many customers also use a ticket system for internal purposes. This is of course also possible with teamspace. Your employees simply report internal concerns as a ticket and forward it to the responsible department, e.g. technology or service. There, the tickets are collected and can be processed.

If desired, you can even create predefined ticket texts that can be called up with a short command. This way, employees know exactly what information is needed, for example, for a fault report, and can enter the information directly. Your technical department also benefits from this, because it has all the important information at its fingertips and does not have to ask again.

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