New Vacation Check for Capacities

No more Personnel Bottlenecks due to Vacation

Companies that work project-heavy know the problem. Vacation time comes and suddenly it gets tight in some projects because too many team members are on vacation at the same time. The bottleneck occurs because supervisors or HR managers, who typically approve the vacation requests, don’t know the capacity of the projects the employee is involved in.


Some companies’ solution is for HR to pick out the affected projects and manually check with the capacity managers to see if the leave request can be approved. However, this results in a lot of effort and cumbersome approval processes. teamspace offers an automatic solution for this purpose.

Vacation Managers for Capacities

Since September 2022, you have the option to enter one or more vacation managers for each capacity. They are responsible for checking incoming vacation requests. Such a check is due whenever an employee requests leave for a period in which he is simultaneously scheduled for this capacity.

Whenever this happens, the vacation manager automatically receives a notification about the vacation request. He can now check whether the leave will result in a staff shortage or not. If the vacation manager consents, the request automatically moves on to the HR department for final approval.

Vacation Complex

The check is upstream of the approval. In addition to vacation managers, you can also select other groups of people within the company who are authorized to perform checks. If desired, even multiple check levels are possible. We also distinguish between a standard and a validation check. Only in the latter case is approval mandatory.

The All-in-One Solution for Vacation, Sickness and more

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