Set working time, vacation and capacity to the minute

Enabling flexible working weeks

Due to increasingly dynamic working conditions, the workday of many employees can no longer be mapped with a classic scheme in which a certain number of hours per week is specified and evenly distributed over the days. Instead, it is often the case that …


  • the daily working time differs depending on the day of the week,
  • certain days of the week have a higher schedulable quota than others,
  • some days of the week “require” more vacation than others.

You can implement these requirements with the working time configuration in teamspace. This gives you maximum flexibility in designing your work schedule.

Map weekly working hours individually

teamspace offers you the possibility to define working time, plannable quota and vacation value individually per employee and weekday to the minute. The previous possibilities for this have thus been extended once again.

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Dialog Arbeitszeit neu

The following exemplary scenarios can be mapped with the extended working time configuration:


Example A: In Digital AG, most employees work 38 hours per week. However, these are not evenly distributed over five working days. Instead, employees are supposed to work eight hours from Monday to Thursday and only six hours on Friday. Nevertheless, a vacation day on Friday is also to be counted as a full vacation day, even though it is only “worth” six hours on that day.


Example B: The property management company Homie24 uses capacity planning for its employees. Previously, six hours of free capacity were estimated for each day of the week. However, experience has shown that there is an increased volume of requests over the weekend, which must be processed on Monday. For this reason, the plannable quota for employees is to be reduced to four hours on Mondays in order to give them more time to respond to requests.

Manage working times with teamspace

In addition to an individual weekly working time planning, teamspace provides you with many other tools for the management of your working times. Please contact our team and test the software for free.