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Wiki vs. Intranet

Many companies store their knowledge on the intranet or on shared drives. With the teamspace Wiki you avoid long searches, because you can find everything online and share it quickly and easily.

Search and Find

Instead of searching through folders or the intranet, in teamspace you simply enter your keyword into the central search function and find the wiki page you want in no time. It’s fast and intuitive.

Linking and Sharing

In teamspace, you can easily link wiki pages to other elements in the software. For example, attach important customer information directly to the CRM entry. You can also share items with other team members.

Manage Knowledge with a Company Wiki

The knowledge of your employees is valuable for your company and should be available for all team members. With the teamspace company wiki you document processes, introduce a glossary or specify workflows.

Topic-related Wikis

Set up topic-specific wikis, such as a CRM wiki or a project management wiki. This way you collect all important information in one central place. Your team members will know right away where to find them.

Create and Maintain Wikis

Creating new wiki entries is easy. A text editor facilitates your work and allows you to create appealing and consistent articles without much effort. Additionally, you can make use of tables, bulleted lists, photos or other files.

Dynamic and up-to-date information

Create dynamic wiki pages that keep their content up-to-date. If there are changes, your team members will be informed. Automatic versioning ensures that nothing is lost in the process.

If desired, you can also share wiki pages with external partners. Simply create the appropriate link and forward it.

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