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Efficient collaboration and intelligent workflows have a name: teamspace.

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Manage Tasks

Manage tasks in your team with digital sticky notes and Scrum and Kanban boards.

Microsoft Teams Integration

teamspace and Microsoft Teams are perfectly interconnected. Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Online Appointments

Manage appointments for your whole team simply online. The result: Full overview and simple planning.

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teamspace ♥ Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams and teamspace are the perfect duo for your company. Thanks to the integrated interface, you can easily use both tools in combination. Create Microsoft Teams meetings directly in the teamspace calendar. Invitations are automatically sent to all participants. You can then view your meetings and phone calls in teamspace and, for example, assign times to them or follow up.


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Overview of Video Calls

See at a glance in teamspace all the phone calls you made in Microsoft Teams the day before. Perfect for booking times or connecting directly.

Create Teams Meetings

Plan team meetings quickly and easily via the teamspace calendar. Enter new team appointments and invite colleagues or external partners.

teamspace | Teamwork - Microsoft Teams

More Efficiency thanks to teamspace & Microsoft Teams

Perfectly positioned with the digital business system for your business processes and the No. 1 collaboration tool for chatting and video telephony. Take your teamwork to a new level by controlling your company in teamspace and collaborating via Microsoft Teams.

teamspace | Teamwork - Microsoft Teams Interface
teamspace | Teamwork - Task Management

Manage Tasks with teamspace

Digitize your task management with teamspace. Collect tasks digitally and assign them to a processor. Document the progress of your work with a Scrum or Kanban board, for example. Team chat, forum and wiki help with knowledge management and team-internal exchange.

Smart digital Sticky Notes

Small yellow sticky notes are known all over the world. And rightly so! So simply use them in digital form. teamspace sticky notes are even a bit smarter than the original.

Scrum & Kanban Boards

Work together in an agile team. Share and move tasks simply by drag & drop on a board: Whether Scrum, Kanban or your own creation.

Manage Online Files

Create folders and upload any files to teamspace. You can even edit documents from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel directly online.

Share Knowledge via Chat, Forum or Wiki

Even if you don’t use Microsoft Teams, you can easily exchange ideas in teamspace. A team chat, a forum and a company wiki are available for this purpose.

Manage Appointments Online

The teamspace calendar is a multi-talent. Create appointments online, switch appointment polls and synchronize it with your Mac, smartphone or Outlook. Vacations and illnesses can also be viewed at any time.

Smart Scheduling in the Cloud

Appointments are easy to plan if you know the availability of your team members. No problem with the teamspace online calendar. Here you can see appointments, vacations and sick leaves in real time.

Outlook Synchronization

Synchronize your team calendar directly with Outlook. This way, new appointments are transferred directly and you are up to date on all end devices.

Contact Data immediately at Hand

teamspace is a completely networked system. This means that when you have an appointment, you have all the contact details at your fingertips and can pick up the phone or headset straight away.

teamspace | Teamwork - Appointment Management

Experience Teamwork on a new Level with teamspace