Tool for Task Management

The Tool for your Task Management

With the teamspace teamwork software you manage your tasks effectively and digitally. Organize your workday or distribute tasks to your team members. Both is easily possible with teamspace. For this purpose, a whole range of tools are available to help you with task management:

Collect Tasks

Open Tasks

You want to create a new task? Then simply add it as an open task in teamspace. Open tasks are like digital sticky notes, you can quickly note something on them and remember it for later, forward it to a team member or pin it on a board.


If the tasks pile up or you want more structure, simply collect to-do‘s in lists. You can also use these as an ideal basis for meetings. You can check off items that have been discussed, and meeting minutes summarize everything for the participants.

Distribute Tasks

You can forward open tasks to team members individually or as a list. But you get even more structure with a board: No matter whether Scrum, Kanban or your own creation: Simply pin tasks on it and push it to the person who is to work on them. The team member in question will be notified automatically.


Working through tasks is also very simple. Once a task has been completed or is due for review, simply drag and drop the board entry from one column to the next. This is intuitive and provides a maximum overview.

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Process Tasks

Open tasks are as simple as sticky notes, but much more flexible. If an open task is in progress, simply change its status or color. In addition, you can attach a lot of other info to it, for example:

Thus, not only keep order in the task management software, but also ensure that everything is done completely and on time.

Types of Open Tasks

With open tasks you manage not only tasks in teamspace, but much more:

Tasks: The classic, a task comes to your mind that you want to remember or pass on for later.

Goal: You want to achieve certain goals in a project or for your team? No problem. If everything lights up green, you’ve made it.

Problem: If you ever face a problem … Just attach a description or a picture and forward it to experts in the company.

Idea: Are you brainstorming for a team project? Then simply collect your ideas in teamspace. You can also attach files.

Note: Want to write something down in a hurry and file it online? Open tasks are the ideal notepad. And they can be linked to other teamspace elements, so they’re always at your fingertips.

Manage Smaller Projects

For small projects, classic project planning is sometimes too time-consuming. In this case, you can always fall back on open tasks. Task packages can be checked off one after the other as they are completed. The time of completion is tracked automatically.
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