Work Breakdown Structure Software

The Work Breakdown Structure Software

Especially when it comes to projects: Order is half the battle. That’s why the teamspace work breakdown structure software helps you to plan your projects neatly right from the start.

teamspace is not just a drawing tool with which you sketch your PSP, but rather a complete solution for your project management software.

Create Work Breakdown Structure

Create work breakdown structures quickly and easily online with teamspace – whether you want to plan a new project from scratch or transfer a customer order into a project.

Gantt Chart

In addition to the WBS, teamspace also provides you with a Gantt chart that allows you to plan the time schedule of your project as well as predecessors and successors.

Times, Costs & Tasks

Specify a time and cost frame for the entire project or individual sub-projects or work packages. Distribute tasks to your team members in an uncomplicated way.

Flexible Project Planning with WBS

teamspace offers you all the features and functions you expect from a work breakdown structure software. This includes the following key features in particular:


Set the start and end time or duration of a project task. Fixed with date or flexible according to progress.

Budget Planning

Specify labor, material or total costs. This way you keep an overview of your budget.

Project phases

Divide your project into multiple phases, e.g. conception, implementation and test.


Your project is large and should be further subdivided? No problem with subprojects in teamspace.

Work packages

The most important part of a work breakdown structure: Who takes on which task and by when? Set time and budget if you wish.

Predecessor & successor

What comes next? With teamspace you ensure that all work steps are completed in the right order.

From Order to Project

You want to plan your customer projects with teamspace? We have a practical solution for you: Simply turn your orders into projects, because teamspace automatically transfers order items as subprojects or work packages. All you have to do is enter the person responsible.


When automatically converting orders into projects, you particularly benefit from the networking in teamspace. The software automatically takes over the schedule and cost framework from the underlying sales order. You don’t have to worry about anything, but start working directly. 

From order to project | teamspace

Distribute Projects Task

Define tasks, set a time budget, assign personnel. with the teamspace work breakdown structure software you can do these three elementary steps for your project work in no time.

Project tasks | teamspace

Define Tasks

You can add new subprojects and work packages to your project at any time. Simply give the task a name and optionally a description.

Plan Times and Costs

You can plan times on different levels in teamspace. For example, you can specify a time frame for the entire project or only for individual subprojects or work packages. The same applies to budget planning.

Assign Editor

At the push of a button, you assign the appropriate agent to a task. You can also name a responsible person or colleagues who will also help with the work.

Capacity Planning par excellence

Would you like to plan in even more detail? Use the extensive capacity planning in teamspace. This way you can flexibly distribute your team members to your projects. The planning assistant also helps you to achieve optimal capacity utilisation.


Your capacity planning can also be dynamically adjusted if necessary when individual team members are overloaded or absent due to vacation or illness, for example.

The Work Breakdown Structure as File Storage

In teamspace, you use your work breakdown structure not only to plan and manage a project, but also as a file repository, if desired. This makes the WBS an excellent tool for your project documentation at the same time. Simply file important project documents digitally to the appropriate subproject or work package. All team members with the appropriate rights have access to them.

Project Milestones

Reaching a milestone is always a good feeling. That’s why teamspace allows you to plan not only project-specific milestones, but also global milestones. These apply across all your projects. In this way, you can maintain an overview even in multi-project management.


With the help of the milestone trend analysis, you can track the progress of your project over time. Milestones are set again and again during the course of the project. You can recognize delays by the fact that milestones are shifted backwards.

Important Project Events in the Calendar

If you wish, you can also transfer important elements of your work breakdown structure to your team calendar, e.g. global project milestones or the individual phases of your project. Of course, you can also color-code project-related events in the calendar. This allows you to optimally plan and manage your projects.

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Why not create your first Work Breakdown Structure online with teamspace?

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