Multi-Project Management Software

Manage Projects in Parallel

With teamspace, you can keep track of a large number of projects. The multi-project management software offers you a range of smart tools for this purpose:

Structure Projects with Type and Directory

So that you don’t compare apples with oranges, teamspace provides you with two effective ways to structure your projects.

Project Type

Simply assign your projects to a certain type: e.g. development project or customer project. There are no limits to your creativity.

You can also create a template for each project type. Each new project then automatically adopts the structure of the template. Practical, isn’t it?

Project Directory

Project directories are like folders – and just as flexible. Use them to further subdivide your project types or sort your projects by business year. This way you keep order and create a clear structure – even on your company’s drive if you wish. WebDAV makes it possible.

Keeping Track of your Projects

Many questions arise in multi-project management. teamspace provides the appropriate answers.

You can see all the information live in the system. This way you can manage several projects successfully and profitably.

Capacity Planning

With teamspace Pro, you can schedule your employees in the form of capacities across several projects. The planning assistant helps you with this. teamspace also automatically takes into account absences due to vacations and sickness. Thus, you avoid overlaps and optimize the utilisation of your team.
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Thanks to teamspace, Multi-Project Management becomes an easy exercise

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