Manage Vacation and Sickness

Manage your Vacation Account

In teamspace, all your employees get a digital vacation account. All vacation entitlements, vacations already taken and vacations that have expired are managed in this account. The best thing is: you don’t have to take care of anything. Once set up, teamspace does everything for you.

Submit and Approve Vacation Requests

With teamspace, you can easily submit vacation requests online and without any paper. Set start and end dates and submit them for review. Weekends and public holidays are automatically deducted.

The responsible inspector automatically receives a notification and can approve the leave request directly in the software. The vacation days then appear in the team calendar. Cancellation request and approval work just as quickly and easily.

Reduce Overtime

In addition to classic vacation requests, you can also request the reduction of overtime directly in the software. Thanks to integrated overtime recording, you can always see how many hours more you have worked. Approved overtime reduction is automatically deducted from the overtime account. If desired, overtime can also be converted into vacation and vice versa.

Submit Sick Leave

In teamspace, you call in sick directly in the software – quickly and easily. You can upload doctor’s certificates as photos or PDFs. This way, the certificate is guaranteed to arrive on time and remain digitally available to you.

Digital Absence Management

If one of your team members is sick or on vacation, the rest of the team is automatically informed in the calendar. This way you can adjust your planning right away and no task will be left undone.

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Manage Vacation and Sickness quickly and easily with teamspace

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