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Team Calendar in the Cloud

teamspace offers you a full-fledged online calendar for your entire team. Access it anytime and anywhere via the cloud – whether office, home office or mobile.

All Team Members at a glance

With teamspace you always keep track of your team. The calendar helps you by providing all important info directly.

Vacation and Sickness

In the teamspace calendar, you can always see which team members are currently sick or on vacation. Via the integrated personnel management, you can also process vacation requests and sickness notifications directly in the system.

Home Office and External Appointments

In the colleague overview, you can immediately see who is currently in the office and who is in the home office or away on an external appointment. This saves time and walking distances. If desired, you can also create other categories of presence and absence, e.g. further training or vocational school.

Private Appointments and Birthdays

You can also enter private appointments in the team calendar. The occasion of the appointment is not displayed to your team members, only the time and duration.

If desired, birthdays of your team can be displayed automatically in the calendar. You want to be especially attentive? Then save the birthdays of your customers as well.

Contact Info from CRM

teamspace saves you time and effort by linking involved CRM contacts directly to your appointments. So you don’t have to search for a phone number or mail address anymore, but find them with one click. You can also create and start Microsoft Teams appointments directly from the calendar.

All Important Project Info

The teamspace calendar can also be used as a project calendar. In this way, you can always stay up to date on the current status of your projects with just one look at the calendar.

Further Handy Features

The team calendar has a whole range of other features that will make your work easier for you and your team.

Recurring Appointments

Create recurring appointments. You can choose the cycle freely.

Appointment Polls

Start a poll among the team to find a common date.

Reminders & Alarms

Get automatic reminders of your appointments, by mail, SMS or in the system.

Public Holiday Calendar

The team calendar shows you all public holidays as they apply to your location.

Color System

Assign your own colors for your appointments to quickly recognize them.


Specify who can only view the calendar and who can edit it.

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