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Save Contact Info

In teamspace you collect business cards digitally. But you can store much more information about your contacts than can fit on a business card:

With teamspace contact management you store all contact information in one central place.

Share Contacts Online

Cloud Access

Thanks to the cloud, your entire team can access contacts anywhere, anytime. This is especially handy when you’ re in the home office or on the go. It’s also easy to share individual contacts.

Data Protection

The teamspace contact management is secure and complies with data protection legislation. Through a comprehensive authorization system, you manage who is allowed to view and edit which information.

Timeline for your Contacts

Each contact has a dashboard where you can see all the important processes related to the contact in chronological order. This gives your team a quick and effective overview – an invaluable advantage for your customer service.

Create new Contacts

Create persons as well as organizations in the teamspace contact management. Subsidiaries and departments within an organization can also be entered.


Highlight special contacts, such as the data protection officer. This way, your team will always have an overview.

CRM Contact Timeline | teamspace

Work with Contacts

Contact management in teamspace is not just a database for your CRM. Your team can actively work with it:

Synchronize Contacts with Outlook

You want to access your contacts in Microsoft Outlook as well? No problem. Simply synchronize it with teamspace. The result: All contacts are in one central place and only need to be changed once if required.

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Manage your Contacts online with teamspace

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