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Goals you achieve with the teamspace Cloud CRM software

Highlights of the smart Cloud CRM with teamspace

Develop Leads

Make contacts and turn your sales opportunities into orders.

Sales Controlling

Analyze your sales success in real time and compile individual reports.

Support Customers

Support your customers optimally with a personal key account manager.

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Digital Sales Management

New customers are important for your business success, so you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. With teamspace, you can capture leads digitally and analyze their success on their way through the sales funnel. Create individual sales funnels and sales phases for this purpose. You also actively manage your team’s sales activities for each prospect. With the help of automated campaigns, you can systematically control follow-up and ensure the optimal development of your leads.

Generate Leads

Create new contacts and organisations directly in teamspace CRM. This way, your prospects are only a mail or a (Microsoft Teams) call away.

Contact Management | teamspace

Manage Sales Activities

Plan sales activities with the team calendar and reminders. Track times and costs incurred in sales activities.

Analyse Sales Funnels

Create individual sales funnels and analyze your conversions. This way you will always be up to date:

teamspace | CRM - Sales Management

Sales Funnels in teamspace

teamspace | CRM - Sales funnel

Online Contact Management

With teamspace you can now collect business cards digitally. However, the contact management can do much more than just online address management. For each customer, teamspace creates a digital customer file. It automatically collects all important processes and documents related to the customer. You can find all relevant information in the timeline and quickly access offers, projects, invoices or tickets.

Maintain Contacts

teamspace combines online contact management and a digital customer file in one software. So you have all the important information in one place – available online at any time.


Synchronize your contacts and appointments directly with Microsoft Outlook, your Mac or smartphone. So you are always up to date, no matter on which device.

Digital Customer Files

Collect all information about your customers in one place. So you can access it online anywhere and at any time.

CRM Contact Timeline | teamspace
teamspace | CRM - Customer Care

Customer Care and After Sales

With the teamspace CRM software, you can optimally support your customers. Increase your sales success with existing customers with the help of key account management. Mark particularly important contacts as VIPs. Thanks to automatic caller identification, your customer service is also optimally prepared.

Key Account Management

Assign a key account manager to your most important customers. This way, your customer benefits from a central contact person and is always optimally looked after.

VIPs for your Business

Some contacts are particularly valuable for your business. In teamspace you mark such contacts as “VIPs”. This way, they are also directly recognizable to your team.

Phone Interface with Caller ID

Simply integrate teamspace into your telephone system. This way you keep track of incoming and outgoing communication. You can recognize customers even before you pick up the receiver.

Integrated ABC Analysis

Who are your most valuable customers? teamspace knows the answer – permanently and automatically. The CRM software categorizes your customers into A, B or C customers depending on their turnover.

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