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Plan Campaigns

No matter if newsletter, bulk letter or telephone promotion, with teamspace you plan your campaigns fast and uncomplicated. Simply add the desired actions to your campaign.


You can combine different elements, e.g. a bulk letter and follow-up by phone. Freely define start and end dates as well as responsibilities.

Select Recipients Simply select the contacts you want to add to a campaign from the teamspace CRM database. This way, you always have the mail address and phone number at hand. You see immediately whether a particular contact has already been processed.

Manage and Evaluate Campaigns

teamspace supports you in managing your campaign so that you can concentrate on the important things:


Design individual newsletters and send them fully automated.

Bulk Letter

teamspace creates bulk letters directly in PDF format. Just print and send – done.

Cold Calling

Document call attempts during cold calls and create reminders for yourself.

Follow up Contacts

Prioritize trade show contacts, for example, and work through them systematically as a phone list.

Plan complex Campaigns

With teamspace, even extensive marketing campaigns or large sales campaigns are no problem. Simply plan your campaign as a standalone project or via boards using an agile method.


This way, you manage your entire marketing or sales team. Via the cloud, your team can also access it anytime and anywhere.

Automated CRM Campaigns

Do you receive a large number of inquiries every day? Automated campaigns in teamspace help you to relieve your team. With them, you can reliably take care of your prospects and customers, even when team members are sick or on vacation.


Simply create an automated campaign and add all the processes that need to be completed during the campaign – for example, sending mails or following up by phone. You can also define conditions for when the next task should be triggered, e.g. after a certain time or only when the predecessor has been completed.

Follow up with Prospects

When you have a large number of prospects, it’s difficult to keep track of them. With the automated CRM campaigns in teamspace, you simply add new leads to your campaign and sales staff are automatically reminded to follow up on prospect at regular intervals.

Automatically send Content

Do you want to automatically provide prospects with specific content? No problem with automatic campaigns. Create the mails once as a template and define when which mail should be sent. This way, you can provide leads with targeted content over a longer period of time.

Survey Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a valuable asset for any company. Reason enough to regularly ask how satisfied your customers are. With teamspace campaigns, you can conduct surveys automatically and at regular intervals. Simply integrate the survey link into your mail template.

Support Customer Promotions

Do you frequently carry out customer promotions? Then the automated campaigns in teamspace are the ideal tool for managing these campaigns. Send invitations or participation links, collect feedback or follow up on them.

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