Smart Project Management Software

Process customer orders quickly and efficiently:
Plan and manage your projects online with teamspace.

Goals that you achieve with the Project Management Software

Highlights of the smart Project Management Software

Plan Projects

Transfer your orders directly into a project. Plan your projects exactly the way you wish.

Manage Projects

Define individual workflows. Track times, costs and keep an eye on your progress.

Invoice Projects

Automatically invoice customers for accomplished projects. Set up payment plans or rules for this.

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Planning Projects with teamspace

Plan and manage your projects with teamspace. Whether classic with a work breakdown structure or agile with Scrum and Kanban boards, with teamspace you can keep track of all your projects. Project planning for customer orders is particularly convenient. Automatically transfer order items as work packages into your project. You can flexibly schedule your team members according to free capacities. Keep an eye on important project events with the team calendar.

Multi-Project Management

With teamspace you can handle all your projects in just one software. Templates and project types ensure structure, while you always keep an overview of all processes.

Team Calendar

The teamspace project calendar is an online calendar for your entire team. It automatically informs you about project phases, important project events and much more.

Work Breakdown Structure | teamspace

Work Breakdown Structure

Plan your projects with a classic work breakdown structure. Create sub-projects and work packages and distribute tasks quickly and easily within the team.

From Order to Project

Turn your orders into projects at the touch of a button. Items are automatically converted into sub-projects or work packages so you can start working straight away.

Capacity planning

Plan the capacities of your team members flexibly and keep an eye on their workload. The scheduling wizard supports you

Your Order Workflow with teamspace

With teamspace, order processing works completely digitally and as if from a single source – from offer preparation to project invoicing:


teamspace | Offer


Order Confirmation | teamspace


teamspace | Project


Invoice | teamspace

Manage Projects with teamspace

Track Times and Costs

With the integrated time tracking, your team members book working hours directly to their work packages. You can conveniently upload cost receipts via digital receipt capture.

Project Controlling

With numerous target/actual comparisons, you can ensure that your projects are running as planned. The system automatically calculates contribution margins for you.

Earned Value Analysis

With the earned value analysis, the system calculates for you:

teamspace | Project Management - Manage Projects
teamspace | Project Management - Invoice Projects

Invoice Projects with teamspace

Billable Services

You decide which services are to be billed and how. The system automatically calculates hourly rates, surcharges and commissions for you.

Create Invoices

Invoices are very easy to create with teamspace. You can see at any time which orders and positions can already be invoiced. You receive the appropriate invoice at the touch of a button.

Send Invoices

Once created, you can send invoices directly from the software – this works best with the integrated ticket system. Alternatively, you can simply print invoices as PDFs.

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