Capacity Planning for your Team

Plan Capacities for Projects

With teamspace you are also well prepared for complex projects. Plan your personnel deployment in advance with capacity planning. This way, you ensure that all work packages get done on time and that no employee is overloaded.

By Department

Schedule team members by your departments, such as Sales, Marketing, or Engineering. 

By Customer

Your customers are served by teams? No problem. Simply assign the employees as required.

By Skill

Do you need a special skill for a task? With teamspace you will find the right team member.

Manage Absences

Account for vacations, sicknesses or other absences automatically in teamspace. The underlying information is stored in the digital employee file.


The scheduling wizard helps you to schedule only available times. You can see overlaps and gaps immediately.

Rough and Detailed Planning

Plan with teamspace at the level of detail you need. You can initially schedule a team for a task and later break the planning down to team members.


Scheduling is also flexible. Plan for the entire month, a week or to the day.

Capacity Planning | teamspace

Plan Daily Business

In teamspace, you can also use capacities for day-to-day business. Simply plan your personnel deployment on a weekly basis. This gives you a realistic picture of team availability at any time

Types of Capacities

Capacities can be assigned to an employee, but also to a project or a team. You decide which kind of capacity planning is best suited for your project.


Capacities have different properties:

Analyze Capacities

Detect overload or missing capacities in real time. This allows you to counteract directly. You can keep an eye on the current workload of your team live and thus keep full control.

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Manage Team Resources with teamspace Capacity Planning

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