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Turn your Order into a Project

With teamspace, you can turn your customer order into a project at the touch of a button. Order items are automatically transferred as sub-projects or work packages. So you can get started with the project straight away.


The best thing is: All the information relevant for billing is already stored in the order. This makes project accounting an easy task.

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Set up Payment Plans and Billing Rules

No matter how complex your billing looks, teamspace has the right solution:

You can integrate these and many other forms of billing effortlessly with teamspace.

Hourly rates and surcharges

For your effort-based order items, teamspace automatically calculates the correct hourly rates and surcharges. Simply leave the calculation to the system:

Issue invoices

Depending on the selected payment method, teamspace always automatically notifies you when you can issue a new invoice. You can see billable amounts at a glance, and the next invoice is only a click away.


Invoices can be sent directly from the system. At the push of a button, you create an e-mail with your desired text, and the invoice is automatically attached as a PDF file. This is how simple project accounting works with teamspace.

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