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With teamspace project time tracking, your team members book times quickly and easily online. With a few clicks, employees distribute their times to projects – whether in the office, home office or mobile. Thanks to the web app, time recording works on almost any smart device.

Advantages of online project time recording with teamspace

With digital project time recording, paper timesheets and Excel spreadsheets are a thing of the past. With teamspace, your team can book times anytime and anywhere. With just a few clicks, all project activities are booked.

You benefit from many advantages teamspace offers for the entire business process:

Record Project Times

Your team members book their times live or simply afterwards in the system. In addition, teamspace also allows you to record the daily working time of your employees via check-in/check-out.

Invoice Project Times

With teamspace, you bill your project times directly to the customer. The software takes payment schedules and billing rules into account and automatically releases times for billing.

Analyze Project Times

Keep track of project controlling by documenting working times and costs. Individual reports show you at a glance whether your project is on time and on budget.

Track Project Times

With teamspace, your team members can track what they have worked on in no time at all. In just two steps, you can combine time tracking and project management:

Track Attendancy Times

Team members track their working time by checking in and out flexibly. Simply online – whether in the office, home office or on the go.

Book Projekt Times

Team members book their working time on the projects they have worked on, e.g. two hours for project A and three hours for project B.

Attendance Time vs. Project Time

Attendance time documents the total working time in one day including breaks. Project times only include the blocks of time used for a specific project.

Record Attendance Times

Attendance time documents the total working time on a day, including breaks. Team members record their working time by checking in and out flexibly. Simply online – whether in the office, home office or on the road.

Book Project Times

Project times include only the blocks of time used for a specific project. Team members book the recorded working time to those projects they worked on, e.g. two hours for project A and three hours for project B.

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Record Order Times

Service providers usually assign their project times to customer orders. For this purpose, teamspace offers a simple workflow with which you can record times for your orders. Plan your projects classically with a work breakdown structure or simply convert sales orders into a project. Effort items are automatically transferred to your project as work packages. The work can start immediately and your team members can book times on it.

Book Project Times easily

With the teamspace software, project time recording is child’s play. Did you work eight hours yesterday? Then simply distribute your attendance time among the projects you worked on.

Your working day repeats itself regularly? No problem. Simply create a template and book it at the touch of a button.

Would you like to book a complete week? No problem with teamspace. Simply enter the times in the time matrix.

You need it to be exact? With the integrated stopwatch, you can track your project times to the minute.

Approve and Check Project Times

Do you need to approve project times before you invoice them? With teamspace you have the right solution. You can approve times both internally and externally.

teamspace distinguishes between chargeable and non-chargeable times. An internal project reconciliation will then only appear on the proof if it should. For the verification of your project times teamspace provides you with two tools at once:

Activity Reports

teamspace automatically creates activity reports for each invoice. This way, you can directly prove the billed times if desired. The activity report appears in your corporate layout just like the invoice and can be sent at the push of a button.


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Auditable Timesheets

With the help of auditable timesheets, you compile project times individually and release them for review. The project manager or supervisor checks the times and can approve them directly. With the digital timesheets in teamspace, you automate the approval of your project times.


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Invoice Customers

Thanks to the integrated invoicing software, project times can be invoiced directly to the customer with teamspace. Project billing offers you a wide range of options:

With teamspace, complex project billing is no problem. Store individual hourly rates for employees, specific customers or activities. Even surcharges for night and weekend work are automatically taken care of by teamspace.


The software automatically releases billable times for the next invoice. The software takes into account individual payment plans and billing rules that apply to the customer or the job.


With teamspace, you not only record project times, but also bill them quickly and easily to the customer.

Bill Project Times | teamspace

Analyze Project Times

How much working time has gone into which projects is important information for your project controlling. With teamspace you keep the overview live. Recognize which projects exceed the time frame or cause too high labor costs. Individual reports provide you with exactly the project key figures that are important for you. Of course, this also includes the contribution margin, which teamspace always calculates automatically for you.

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