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Create offers and invoices online.
With teamspace you manage orders, claims, travel expenses and much more.

Goals you achieve with teamspace Invoicing Software

Highlights of the Online Invoicing Software

Write Offers

Create convincing offers directly online. Just access your digital article and price lists.

Orders & invoices

Manage your orders easily online and always issue the right invoice at the right time.

Digitize Accounting

Digitize your accounting and transfer data directly to your tax advisor.

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Create and Track Offers

Create customized offers quickly and easily with teamspace. Thanks to individual templates in your corporate design, new offers are created with the click of a button. You can add further articles via your article catalog. Prices and currencies are automatically stored, and you can also use individual price lists or graduated discounts if desired. All offers can be tracked systematically with teamspace. This way, you get the most out of your offers.

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Layouts & Templates

We create layouts in your own corporate identity. This makes offers, orders and invoices look uniform and professional.

Customized Offers

Create offers quickly and easily thanks to stored articles and prices. Customize quantities, discounts and item descriptions.

Track & follow-up Offers

teamspace provides you with an overview of all current offers. This allows you to follow up on offers in a targeted manner and increase your sales success.

Create your Offers from now on, quickly and easily online – with teamspace

Offer | teamspace

Manage and Invoice Orders

In teamspace, you can turn offers into orders at the push of a button. You send the appropriate order confirmation to the customer directly from the system. In teamspace, orders are also your billing center. Here you can store payment plans and billing rules. The invoicing software shows you when a new invoice can be issued. Order management lets you keep track of all your orders and the amounts that can be billed in each case.

From Offer to Order

Your customer has made an order? With teamspace you can convert your offer into an order with one click, which you can send directly from the system.

Manage the Order Situation

In teamspace you keep track of all your orders. You can see running and waiting orders, the payment status and much more.

Settle Orders

Create individual payment plans and billing rules. Regardless of whether you bill by deadline, at fixed intervals or project progress, with teamspace you are equipped for all cases.

teamspace | Invoicing Software - Manage Order

Offer to Cash: From Offer to Invoice in one Software

teamspace | Invoice Software - Create Invoice

Simply create Invoices

You can easily create new invoices in teamspace. User-defined templates, the article catalog and price lists help you. If you create an invoice from an order, teamspace even takes over the compilation completely automatically. All you have to do is click on Send.

From Order to Invoice

You do not have to create invoices manually in teamspace. Depending on the payment plan or billing rules, they are generated automatically and only need to be sent.

Create Price Lists

Do you sell to different countries? Do you have a graduated price system? No problem for teamspace. Simply create individual price lists.

Send Invoices

Once created, you can send invoices directly from the software – this works best with the integrated ticket system. Alternatively, you can simply print invoices as PDFs.

Manage Receivables

Keep track of your outstanding claims. If payments are outstanding, you can create a payment reminder in no time at all.

Your Invoice Workflow with teamspace

With teamspace, you digitize your entire business, from sales to accounting. Turn offers into orders in the blink of an eye and automatically issue the corresponding invoice. Manage claims with the integrated dunning system.


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& Dunning

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Accounting with teamspace

The teamspace invoice program can also do accounting. Simply document incoming invoices via digital document entry. This way, you can effectively manage your incoming invoices. Travel expenses can also be submitted and settled digitally; you simply photograph the appropriate receipts and upload them to the system. With the integrated DATEV export, you can easily transfer your accounting data to your tax advisor.

Digital Receipt Capture

Digitise incoming invoices with teamspace. Simply photograph your receipts and the automatic text recognition does the rest. Drag and drop PDF files directly into the system.

Travel Expense Report

Simply photograph and upload original receipts, because travel expenses are digitally checked and approved in teamspace. You have the choice between individual and collective settlement.

DATEV Interface

In teamspace you send your accounting data quickly and easily to your tax advisor. Thanks to the DATEV interface, you transmit your data exactly as required.

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