Travel Expense Accounting Software

Capture Receipts Online

Thanks to digital receipt capture, you can easily document your travel receipts on the go. All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection.

1. Photograph Receipt

2. Upload Data

3. Settle Travel Expenses

Document all Travel Expenses

Submit all expenses incurred during a trip:

Calculate Meal Rates per Diem

Foreign travel, different currencies and country-specific meal rates are no problem for teamspace. The software automatically calculates meal rates per diem for you according to the respective allowances

Individual & Collective Settlement

Settle individual receipts or collectively. Whether at the end of the trip or the end of the month. teamspace has the right statement for you.

Approve Travel Expenses Online

Map your complete audit process digitally with teamspace. Team members release their travel expenses online for approval. The responsible reviewer automatically receives a notification via the system and can carry out the review. Once the review has been completed, the applicant is also informed of the result.

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Online Travel Expense Accounting with the teamspace Software

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