Digital Receipt Capture

Photograph Receipts or Upload as PDF

Photograph Receipts

Simply photograph receipts and other documents via our WebApp. The automatic text recognition adopts all relevant data for you.

Upload PDFs

You have received a receipt as a PDF file? No problem. Simply drag and drop the file into the system. The software takes care of everything else for you.

Track Travel Expenses on the Go

Keeping receipts of your trips and scanning them afterwards is tedious. With teamspace, you track receipts easily and directly online. If you have a smartphone at hand, you can photograph receipts and upload them directly.

Process Receipts

Once imported into the system, you can continue to work with your receipts as you wish. You can settle travel expenses, assign receipts to your projects or forward your financial accounting data via DATEV.
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Use teamspace’s Digital Receipt Capture to Digitize your Accounting

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