Digitale Accounting

Digital accounting with teamspace saves you time. By tracking and storing receipts digitally, you no longer have to bring file folders to the tax office. Instead, your tax advisor receives all relevant data digitally with the DATEV export.

Manage Financial Accounting online

Store incoming invoices in the system. Outgoing invoices are also stored automatically. This data can be exported at the touch of a button using a DATEV-compatible format.

Online accounting simplifies your internal company processes, because employees have access anytime and anywhere. teamspace supports you throughout the entire process, from offer creation to invoicing.

Individual Profit and Loss Accounts

Different revenue accounts can be stored in teamspace and linked to your items. Then all items will be automatically assigned to the correct revenue accounts.


All invoice items get a column in the export. This list can be imported into DATEV. Thus, it documents exactly which sum has gone to which revenue account.


The DATEV export contains all important data, for example:

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Transfer your Financial Accounting Data digitally with DATEV

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