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With teamspace it is fun to create offers, because everything is quick and easy. Select a suitable template, add articles, and the offer is ready. Thanks to the individual layout, every offer looks professional and convincing.

Flexible Pricing

In teamspace, you can store one or more price lists if you wish. This allows you to differentiate between different countries or customers. Staggered prices are also possible. For each article, you determine whether the price may be changed or not. You can also use it to flexibly enter rebates and discounts for your items.

Create Standard Articles

Some articles appear particularly often in offers. Simply store them with a fixed item number, price and description. This way you can add standard articles to your offers with one click. You can also work with alternative or optional items and divide your offer into sections for more clarity. 

Track Offers

Keep track of your offers. teamspace automatically collects all offers in a list for you. There you can see a variety of information at any time:


  • How many offers are currently in circulation?
  • Which offers have already been ordered?
  • Which offers should your sales team follow up on?

With the teamspace software, you can follow up on offers and track their status.

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Different Types of Billing

With teamspace, you can not only create offers, but also settle them when you receive the order. Whether fixed price, time and material or recurring – with teamspace you are prepared for every type of billing.

Send Offers online

Send offers directly via teamspace. No unnecessary downloading. Just press a button and a mail with your predefined text will be sent to the selected customer.

From Offer to Order

Your offer has been commissioned? Excellent, with just one click you can convert your offer into an order confirmation and send it directly via the system.

Check and Approve

Offers can be checked and approved. With just one click, you can forward your offer for review to a supervisor or project manager. The team member responsible for the review is notified and can approve the offer directly in the software. You decide whether a check should always take place or only if a certain offer amount is exceeded. In addition, all changes in the offer are automatically logged. This way, you can see all changes and easily track the development.

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Simply Create Offers Online with the teamspace Software

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General about Offer Management

What is an Offer?

An offer is created if a potential buyer expresses interest in a product or service. The supplier then prepares a corresponding offer.

Structure of an Offer

An offer can be made in writing or verbally.

In addition to the contact details of the sender and recipient, the offer lists the offer items.


These include a precise description of the services to be provided, the quantity, and the previously calculated sales prices. In addition, payment and delivery terms and a binding offer period are added.

Legal Basis of an Offer

When a provider makes an offer, it undertakes to provide the service offered. If the customer then accepts the offer, a legally binding contract has been concluded.


Alternatively, an offer can also be advertised as “non-binding” or “subject to confirmation”.