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With teamspace, you can create the appropriate invoice for an confirmation in no time at all. You can settle all items or generate the next outstanding invoice. Depending on the payment plan and billing rules, teamspace automatically adds all billable items to the document.You can send the invoice directly from the system – suitable mail text included. The document is automatically attached to the mail as a PDF file.

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Different Types of Articles

Fixed Price Positions

Items that are sold at a fixed price.


Simply access your article catalogue and add the item. teamspace automatically enters the correct price.

Time-Based Expense Positions

Items that are priced depending on the time spent.


Enter the required effort directly or link it to teamspace‘s time tracking. This way you automate your billing.

Define Billing Rules

With teamspace, you can write invoices exactly as you or your customers want. To do this, you simply define billing rules in the software. In this way, you can invoice individual order items flexibly, e.g.

Billable amounts are automatically displayed. The next invoice is then only a click away.

Define Payment Plans

With payment plans you keep your order settlement under control. Teamspace provides the perfect solution for every specific application:

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We make Order Settlement easy with teamspace

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