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Track working hours in your team quickly, easily and reliably.
Book project times and invoice the customer.

Goals you achieve with teamspace Online Time Tracking

Highlights of Online Time Tracking with teamspace

Work Flexibly

Work from wherever you want. With teamspace you can track times anywhere and at any time.

Record Times Online

Whether PC, smartphone or terminal. Track times online from any device you like.

Invoice Project Times

Book times on your projects and bill them directly to the customer.

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Manage Working Hours

teamspace is a complete system for your online working time tracking. Your team checks in and out with the push of a button. Attendance times, breaks and overtime are reliably documented. teamspace time tracking is suitable for full, part and flexitime models. You can also easily manage vacations and illnesses with teamspace. Absences are automatically transferred to the calendar and are visible to the team.

Full, Part or Flexitime

Online time tracking with teamspace works for almost any working model:

Break Rules and Times

teamspace informs your employees if they fall short of the legal break duration. If desired, break times can also be filled automatically.

Check in - Time Tracking | teamspace


With teamspace, you simply check yourself in and out for online time tracking, so you also trackbreak times easily.


With the overtime traffic light, you can keep track of and control your team’s time quotas. Pay out overtime at the end of the month if you wish.

Vacation and Sickness

Manage and track absences, whether holiday, illness, vocational school … With teamspace you are equipped for everything.

The Best of both Worlds

Attendance Time

Attendance times tell you from when to when your team works.

Project Time

Project times tell you what your team is working on during that time.
teamspace | Time Recording - Process Booking Times

Time Tracking for Projects

teamspace | Time Tracking - Time Tracking for Projects


Summarise working times in a timesheet at the touch of a button, so you can quickly and easily prove activities to the customer.

Invoice Project Times

Times booked on projects automatically appear on your invoice. With payment plans and billing rules, you are also prepared for complex billing.

Accounting in Real Time

Keep up to date with what your team is working on. Monitor project progress in real time and make sure your projects stay on budget.

Chargeable Services

Decide flexibly which services are to be charged to the customer and which are not. The system automatically calculates hourly rates and surcharges for you.

Approval Processes

Set up approval processes for project times. Request and approve directly in the software and your team will be notified automatically after approval.

Time Tracking Obligation according to ECJ

The ECJ requires a general time tracking obligation for companies. The system should meet the following requirements:

With teamspace you already fulfil all requirements of the ECJ.

You can also benefit from many more advantages that time tracking brings to your company.

Comfort Features for your Online Time Tracking

When booking your times, a whole range of useful features help you in teamspace. Simply create a template for tasks that you book frequently. Use the stopwatch for activities where the minute counts, or book times directly for the entire week.


When the minute counts. Measure your working time precisely with the integrated stopwatch.

Stopwatch | teamspace


Create templates. This makes time booking even quicker and easier.

Top Projects

Projects that move your entire team are always at the top. This eliminates the need to search for the right project.

Weekly Booking

Do your activities repeat themselves on a weekly basis? Then simply book your activities for the entire week.

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