Track Overtime in your Team

Track Employee Overtime online

Due to the integrated time tracking in teamspace, all overtime hours of your employees are documented automatically. Thus, you keep an eye on the workload of your team at all times.

Overtime Traffic Light

With the teamspace overtime traffic light, you can see at a glance how your employees’ overtime accounts are doing: Which employees are particularly busy? Who can take on new project tasks? You decide when which color appears.

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Overtime Accounts for your Team

The overtime account tracks all overtime hours in your team. Flexitime is automatically deducted.

Limit Overtime

If required, overtime can be limited upwards and downwards. This way, you ensure that no team member is overworked.

Credit or Convert Overtime

Simply credit employees with overtime for good performance or convert it into vacation days. In teamspace, you enjoy maximum flexibility.

Apply Rules for Overtime

Overtime should only count after 15 minutes of overtime? Overtime on Sundays and holidays should count twice? Simply set it up with teamspace and you’re done.

Credit Overtime

Release overtime for payment on demand or automatically at the end of the month. With teamspace, you can manage overtime flexibly and comprehensively.

Overtime according to Attendance or Project Times

You decide on which basis overtime will be calculated:

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