Track Times via Check-in/Check-out

Track Times at the Touch of a Button: With teamspace Online Check-in

With teamspace, you track your working times whenever and wherever you are working. Thanks to the cloud, you can access teamspace online at any time and simply check in and out again.

On the PC

Open teamspace in your browser or as a Progressive Web App (PWA) and click on Check-in, Check-out or Pause. And you’re done.

On the Smartphone

As a web app, teamspace runs independent from your device’s operating system. Simply tap on the teamspace logo on your dashboard.

On the Terminal

We set up teamspace for your terminal. Employees can then check in and out conveniently using a chip or card.

Work Flexibly in your Office, Home Office or Mobile

Be prepared for the future, because work is becoming more and more flexible. No problem with teamspace: employees simply track their working hours wherever they happen to be.


Check in comfortably in the morning and check out again in the evening. No matter whether at the computer or a terminal. With teamspace, time tracking becomes a pleasant routine.

Home Office

Thanks to the online dashboard, checking in is also very easy from home. So you can work smoothly with colleagues in the office or on the other side of the world.


No more handwritten bookkeeping or Excel spreadsheets. With teamspace, you simply reach for your smartphone and check in and out conveniently.

Track Times afterwards

Forgot to track your time or to check out for a break? No problem. With teamspace you can also enter times manually. For the end of the month, you can set how many days changes can be made retroactively.

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