Approvable Timesheets for your Company

Track Working Hours

Document working times online with teamspace. The integrated attendance time tracking makes Excel lists a thing of the past. Your team members simply book times on the project tasks they have worked on.

Attendance Time

Your team members track their working hours online at the touch of a button – in the office, home office or on the go.

Project Time

Attendance times can be booked on individual project tasks. Only these appear on your timesheet for review.

Compile Hours automatically

Unlike manual lists or Excel sheets, teamspace creates your timesheets automatically. Simply select team member, project and/or time period. The software will create the appropriate timesheet for you.

Approve Timesheets

The teamspace timesheet is ideal for approval. In teamspace, you benefit from an integrated approval process. Simply forward the timesheet for review, the reviewer is automatically notified and can adjust times and give his go directly in the system.

Alternative: Activity Report

You do not need an approval? Then the Activity Report is an excellent alternative. It offers the same functionality as the timesheet, but does not require a review and approval process.

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