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The teamspace activity record is a convenient solution that allows you to record activities quickly and easily. Simply select the project times that you want to appear on the activity report, and the software will do the rest for you.

Attendance Time

Attendance time reflects the total time an employee has worked per day.

Project Time

The project time indicates how much time an employee has spent on a specific task.

Info on the Activity Report

With teamspace, you cut out the paperwork and create activity reports online and almost completely automatically. The digital record summarizes all important information in one list:

Layout with your CI

The layout for activity reports is based entirely on your company’s layout templates. This means that the report appears in the same look as your invoices and other documents.

Alternative: Timesheets

Do you want to check and approve your activity reports? Then the Timesheet is an excellent alternative. It offers the same functionality as the activity report, but provides you with a review and approval process.

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With the Digital Activity Report from teamspace you replace the Excel List

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