Project Controlling Software

Keeping track of Progress and Status

Progress and status are important indicators of how your projects are doing. Together, they provide valuable insights about your projects


Specify the percentage of a task that has already been completed. For all parent subprojects and the main project, the progress is calculated automatically.


In planning, in progress or already done? In teamspace, you define your own statuses for project tasks. These can be combined to workflows and linked to individual rights in the project.

Target / Actual Comparison in Real Time

Detect deviations before it is too late – no problem with teamspace. Compare the schedule with the time already needed, the planned budget with what has already been used and much more …

Automatic Warnings and Notices

If a project does not run as planned, the teamspace project controlling software automatically sends you notices or warnings – if you like, also by e-mail. This way, you are always well informed and can react immediately if necessary.

Calculate Contribution Margins

To know how profitable your projects are, teamspace calculates the contribution margin automatically and always up-to-date. It takes into account all revenues and expenses incurred during the project.

Simple but ingenious: Earned Value Analysis

The Earned Value Analysis is simple but meaningful. Based on the already completed value of your project (Earned Value), teamspace extrapolates the time and cost development for the remaining project. This tells you how efficiently you are using time and money budgets.

Milestone Analysis

With the milestone trend analysis in teamspace you are well prepared. Milestones are set anew with each project report. From the trend progression, you can quickly see whether the project is running better or worse than expected.

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