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Optimize Sales Phases

Create one (or even several) sales funnels for your sales department. This allows you to digitally map your sales process 1:1. In teamspace, you can track how many prospects are currently in which phase, where you win the most customers and where you lose them.

Improve Conversions

The more prospects become customers, the better your sales run. With teamspace, you can see how well you are doing at any time. Track how many customers reach the next sales phase and how many orders you can win from them.

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VIPs and Key Accounts

Key Accounts

Key Account Management allows you to identify customers who are particularly important for your business. For your sales controlling, you can then easily track how well your key accounts were handled. Conversely, you can also see all the activities of your key account managers.


Surely there are VIPs for your company as well, be it chief buyers or multipliers. With teamspace, you can flag such people as important. Later, you can see whether you have extracted the maximum potential from these contacts.

Intelligent KPIs

With teamspace you create your own KPIs to evaluate sales opportunities. You want to take the volume of an order into account or give more weight to certain items? No problem with teamspace. Calculate the value of a sales opportunity in the way that makes sense for your business.

Individual Reports

In teamspace, you have a wide range of reports at your disposal to measure and check your business success. And the best thing is: You can customize each of these reports according to your own preferences. This way, you compile exactly the info you need:

Anticipate Order Peaks and Revenue Gaps

Using the sales funnel, you can see how many prospects are currently in the pipeline and how likely a deal is. This allows you to identify order peaks or sales gaps in good time before they become an issue.

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Benefit from Professional Sales Controlling with teamspace

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