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Prospects are particularly valuable for your business. Manage these leads systematically with teamspace. Starting with the capture and development of the lead all the way to the conclusion of the sale.

Professional lead management requires suitable software that effectively supports you in acquiring new customers. teamspace helps you along the entire process:

Capture Leads

With teamspace, you’ll never miss a potential customer again, because you can capture interested parties in no time at all. Regardless of whether an inquiry is received by mail or phone, you can create a lead with just one click. Mail address or phone number are automatically transferred and are immediately available to you….

Develop Leads

With the sales funnels in teamspace, you individually define which prospects go through which sales phases. With automated campaigns, you plan which activities your sales team should perform and when. In this way, you maximize the yield from your leads and increase the conversion rate.

Generate Orders

Plan your sales activities with teamspace and actively use reminders to follow up at the right moment and win an order.

With teamspace, you can also create convincing offers in no time at all. This effectively increases your sales success.

Manage Sales Opportunities

Sales opportunities help you managing your leads. It bundles all activities related to a specific sales opportunity. Here you will find …

The timeline gives you a quick overview of all activities related to a sales opportunity. This is also an ideal planning basis for further sales campaigns. You also record the current status in the sales opportunity. For example, is the lead still open, has it already been commissioned, or has the offer been rejected?

CRM Contact Timeline | teamspace

Plan Sales Activities

Your sales process requires certain activities to be carried out at certain times? No problem. Use CRM activities in teamspace to plan and structure your sales work. If you wish, you will automatically be reminded. This way, your success rate increases all by itself.


With automated campaigns, you can even go one step further. If you wish, you can automatically send reminder emails or additional information material to all new prospects. This is what effective sales automation looks like.

Create Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are the be-all and end-all of lead management. They allow you to define which phases potential customers ideally pass through within the sales process. In teamspace you can create as many funnels and phases as you like. You determine …

teamspace | CRM - Sales funnel

Optimize Conversion Rates

Once a lead has reached the next sales stage, the probability of purchase and the value of the sales opportunity increase. The more leads become customers, the better the conversion rate. For sales controlling, teamspace provides you with a variety of analyses that you can use to optimize your sales process.


At the same time, this will answer many questions that are important for your sales management:

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Track and manage your leads successfully with teamspace

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