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Agile Project Management with Scrum

The Scrum method enjoys great popularity in many IT projects. With teamspace, you can easily use Scrum for your projects. For this purpose, the software provides you with a prefabricated board that you can use immediately.

Product Backlog

Here you collect potential requirements for the project result.

Sprint Backlog

The Sprint Backlog contains requirements that have been selected to be processed within the scope of a Sprint.

In Progress

This column collects all task packages that are currently being processed in a sprint.

For Acceptance

Work packages that have already been completed and are now released for acceptance are located here.


In the last column of the Scrum Board you will find all tasks that have already been successfully completed.

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Networked Scrum Board

With teamspace Scrum Boards you do not only collect work packages as notes. Through the networked system, you can also manage any other elements with the Scrum method.

Project Tasks

Would you prefer to work on a smaller sub-project with an agile project management tool? No problem. Simply transfer the work packages automatically to your board. There you can then work through it with Backlog and Sprints.


Scrum boards are also great for making your helpdesk even more effective. Simply collect incoming support tickets on a board. Your employees can then grab tickets and process them, or you can distribute the tasks centrally. You always keep an overview via the board.

A Scrum Board for your Team

Scrum boards that you create in teamspace are available to your entire team. No matter where your team members are, you always have full access via the cloud. This way, you can also organize distributed teams in the best possible way.

Easy Handling

Easily pin new requests or tasks to the board – whether it’s a simple note, an open task, or a ticket. Drag and drop new items onto it or move them from one status to the next. This is how easy it is to work with Scrum Boards in teamspace.

Customize Scrum Boards

You like the Scrum methodology but prefer to use other columns? No problem. In teamspace you can customize your Scrum board as you like or design your very own board.

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General about Scrum

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a term that comes from project management. Originally, this term comes from the sport of rugby, which means scrum. It reflects the cooperation and organization of teams working together on a project. These project teams meet at regular intervals and thus work through a project step by step.

How does the Scrum Method work?

In the Scrum method, you start with the so-called product backlog. There, all requirements and tasks for the project are first collected, defined and prioritized. Unlike in classic project management, these requirements are continuously adapted in Scrum, so that one also speaks of agile project management here.

If a requirement in the product backlog is now processed, it moves to the next station, the sprint backlog. These tasks, which are now firmly defined, must be completed within a predefined period of time. In this way, all points of the project are finally worked through bit by bit.

The Scrum method thus serves to process complex projects in an orderly but flexible manner.