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The Classic among Boards

The Kanban Board originates from Japan in the 1940s and enjoys great popularity worldwide. In the simplest case, it consists of three columns within which the elements to be processed move.


New Tasks to be done

In Progress

Tasks currently in progress


Tasks that have already been completed

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Organize work with Kanban Boards

Kanban boards are great for structuring your daily work routine. Collect tasks by placing them on the board. Simply drag and drop tasks that are currently in progress or already completed into the next column.

Manage tickets, documents, work packages and more

New tasks can be easily dragged and dropped onto the Kanban Board. They can be notes, tickets, quotes or a work package from a project. teamspace gives you complete freedom in how you use your Kanban Board. If the status of a task changes, you simply drag it from one column to the next.


On teamspace Kanban Boards you do not only collect notes. You can also place many other items from the system directly on the board and continue working with them.


Use Kanban boards for your support tickets. Thanks to the integrated ticketing software, you can easily collect internal tickets or customer requests on one board. This way you can easily keep track of everything. Depending on the processing status, your team members drag the tickets from column to column.

Sales Promotions

You want to follow up contacts of a sales activity? Simply drag and drop the appropriate contacts onto your Kanban board and move them depending on whether you have already followed up or not.

Project Tasks

You would prefer to design part of your project in an agile way? No problem. Transfer the work packages automatically to your Kanban Board if you wish. From there, you and your team can continue working on them using agile methods.

A Kanban Board for your Team

You can create Kanban boards in teamspace for yourself or for an entire team. All team members have access to the board via the cloud and can create and drag tasks.


Especially for distributed teams, teamspace Online Kanban Boards offer you a significant advantage. Each team member always sees the current status of the individual board tasks and can work on them or pass them on.

Customize Kanban Boards

You like the idea of Kanban, but want to use your own columns? No problem with teamspace. You can design boards according to your own preferences and customize rows and columns.


For example, divide your board by employees. This way you can easily shift tasks from one team member to the next. Or choose a daily division. This allows you to create your weekly planning in just a few steps.

Agile IT projects can be planned quickly and easily with teamspace. In addition to the classic Kanban boards, Scrum boards are also available for this purpose.

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