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Teamwork is important for business success. Especially when your employees work remotely, e.g. in the office, home office or mobile, fast and smooth digital communication is essential.

For this purpose, Microsoft Teams has successfully established itself in many companies in recent years. Collaboration works even more effectively if you use Microsoft Teams in combination with software for your business processes. This way, you benefit from the best of both worlds:

Team Communication

Use Teams meetings and video calls for communication within your team. This allows you to exchange information on tasks and processes quickly and easily.

Business Ürocesses

Manage your business processes digitally and share content online. Manage your CRM contacts, receipts, projects and much more in one network system.

Create Microsoft Teams Meetings

Easily add Microsoft Teams meetings in the teamspace calendar. Invitations are automatically sent to all participants inside and outside your company. If you change the meeting afterwards, e.g. the time or the description, all participants will automatically receive an updated invitation.

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

You can join your Microsoft Teams meetings directly from the teamspace calendar. As soon as the mouse hovers over the calendar entry, the join button appears. This way you don’t have to jump back and forth between applications, but have everything in one system.

MS Teams Meeting | teamspace

Use further Meeting Tools

Instead of Microsoft Teams appointments, you can also include meeting URLs from other tools, such as Zoom, Slack, or Google Meet. You’ll participate just as conveniently via these. The URL can be easily shared with other team members.

Microsoft Teams Calls in the Overview

Once you have integrated Microsoft Teams, you will see an overview in teamspace of all Teams meetings and calls you have participated in.

Phone Interface

You can access the phone interface at any time via the sidebar. In addition to ordinary calls via the fixed network, you can also see all Teams phone calls from the last seven days here.
You can see whether it is an incoming or outgoing call, how long the call was and who is entered as the main contact.

CRM Calls List

Via the teamspace CRM, Teams calls can be filtered specifically according to your wishes. Distinguish between phone calls and meetings and, for the latter, between those that you joined as organizer or participant.
One click takes you to the assigned contact and you can, for example, send a follow-up mail.

Phone Interface | teamspace

Follow up on Teams Calls

For each Teams call, teamspace provides you with a whole range of actions. This allows you to quickly and easily connect your communication with the processes in the company:

Icon Contact | teamspace

Jump to the CRM contact of your conversation partner with one click, if it is already stored. Alternatively, create a new contact in the database at the push of a button.

Icon Times | teamspace

Easily assign working times to your Teams phone calls. Meeting duration and call partners are automatically transferred to the booking.

Icon CRM | teamspace

Document the purpose of a Teams call in the CRM module. This way, you can seamlessly track and follow up on activities related to a contact.

Icon Ticket | teamspace

You want to respond to a call by mail? Then simply create a ticket for it. All contact information is automatically transferred.

Icon Calender | teamspace

Create a follow-up appointment directly in teamspace, this can be done with one click – of course a Teams phone call again if desired.

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