Online Team Forum for your Company

A Platform for your Team

The teamspace forum is the ideal platform to share ideas or discuss topics. It allows your team members to exchange ideas quickly and easily.

Share Content

Share any content via the team forum, e.g. contacts, tickets or offers. This way, your team can easily exchange ideas together.

Topics & Spaces

Create as many spaces as you like in your forum, e.g. per team or department. Within the spaces, you can create topics and assign a moderator.


Subscribe to the topics that are relevant to you. If there is news, you will be notified automatically. This way you can spread news effectively in your team.

Permissions and Moderators

Define individually who can read and edit entries in the forum and set moderators for spaces and topics. They have special rights and lead the discussion.

Digital Company Newspaper

With the teamspace forum, you can create an employee newspaper and share it with your team members directly via the system.

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Use the Team Forum for Communication in your Company

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