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Save 50 percent of your time with teamspace online order management software. Smart processes support your team in all important tasks:

Order management helps with sales, accounting and customer care. You will feel the difference in your daily work.

More overview

Keep track of all your quotes, orders and invoices. So you never lose track of which quotes have been ordered and which invoices have not been paid yet.

Less effort

Save yourself duplicate work, because the system does it for you. From templates to article catalogs to customer data, teamspace supports you in creating offers and invoices.

Fewer errors

No more typing and transmission errors. teamspace fills your documents with customer data, articles, prices and more at the push of a button. Always professional and appealing thanks to individual templates.

Manage order data

Collect all your order data in one central software.

Customer data

Company data, contact persons, phone numbers and more are stored in a central CRM database. There you can access it at any time and transfer the data for new offers and invoices.

Order data

Prices, articles, order date and the like can be found directly in the corresponding record. You can also see the status of your orders in the overview.

Billing data

You can also use the order to manage the billing of your services. Store payment plans, individual billing rules and more. Create the associated invoices at the touch of a button.

Track quotes and turn them into orders


With teamspace, you can create quotations in no time at all. Access article catalogs, price lists and templates for this purpose. Customer data is automatically transferred from the CRM database.


Track your offers from day 1. In the overview, you can see which offers are open, which have been commissioned, and which have been rejected. This way, you can systematically follow up on open quotations.


3 If your offer is commissioned by the customer, you can convert it into the appropriate order confirmation at the touch of a button. You can send this by e-mail directly from the system.


Process orders and track times

So that you can start working immediately after receiving the order, you can create a project from your order with just a few clicks. If desired, order items can be transferred directly to your customer project as work packages.


Ideal for service providers: Your employees can immediately start booking times to the individual work packages. These can be billed as soon as the associated items are due.

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Invoice orders

Whether fixed price, payment by time and effort or lump sums, with teamspace you can easily master even complex invoicing. For this purpose, you can store price lists, hourly rates and rules for lump sums.


The following tools will help you with billing:

ZUGFeRD-compliant invoices can also be created in this way. You can view the payment status at any time and create reminders at the push of a button.

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General information on order management

What is order management?

Order management is used to record, process and invoice incoming orders.


Order management software usually performs the following tasks:

  • Provide an overview of orders (open, in process, invoiced).
  • Create and send order confirmations.
  • Entering customer data and transferring it to documents.
  • Manage articles, prices and currencies.
  • Manage billing modalities for customers.
  • Create and send invoices.

Why order management software?

Depending on the order situation, processing with Excel and Co quickly becomes confusing. In addition, it requires many manual processing steps, which can be done automatically with suitable software.


Order management software helps to make processes simpler and more transparent in many areas.


  • Customer data is stored and maintained centrally: This means that there are no transmission errors and the data is always up to date.
  • Quotations, order confirmations and invoices at the push of a button: documents can be generated and sent quickly.
  • DSGVO-compliant order processing: All data relevant to the order is stored and processed securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Integrated billing: Each order can be billed and tracked individually.
  • ZUGFeRD-compliant invoices: Create invoices that are compatible with the “ZUGFeRD” or “XRechnung” standards at the touch of a button.

Who is order management software suitable for?

Order management software is suitable for self-employed people as well as small and medium-sized companies. Large companies usually use complete solutions that include order management as well as the entire accounting.


Many companies create documents with Office programs and transfer customer data from a separate address file. This procedure is error-prone and very time-consuming. Even with a handful of customers and a few orders per month, it is worthwhile to invest in a software solution for order management The time that companies save is often substantial.