Outlook Add-in for Tickets

One System for your Ticket Management

It is a common problem: You use a ticket system in your company, but customers write to you via your personal mail address. In order to keep the overview, it would be much better to bundle all customer requests in a ticketing software like teamspace, because Outlook is not suitable to distribute tasks in the team with it.   For this purpose we have developed the Outlook Add-in for tickets. It helps you to transfer messages quickly and easily into your ticketing system. The customer request is given its own ID and follow-up processes are automatically assigned to the appropriate ticket.

Convert Outlook mails into tickets

With the teamspace add-in you can convert an Outlook mail into a ticket with just a few clicks. Afterwards you can continue working with it as usual. Simply click on the desired mail and select …

Track Ticket Status in Outlook

After you have transferred a mail to the teamspace ticket system, you can also track the status of the ticket in Outlook at any time. Via the preview card of the ticket you get all important information:

In Outlook, you can also see the last ticket process, e.g. whether the ticket has been handed over to someone or has already been closed. This way you can keep track of everything at any time.

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Test the teamspace Ticket System including our Outlook Add-in

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