Workplace Management

Book and manage workstations

The teamspace workplace management is an online tool that allows companies to manage their rooms, parking and workplaces. It is ideal for all forms of modern, flexible collaboration:

Whenever employees come to the office, they simply book the appropriate desk and, if necessary, a parking space in advance. Via the online interface, they can see which spaces are currently free and where their colleagues are currently working.

Ideal for companies with desk sharing

With desk sharing, there are no fixed assigned spaces; instead, employees freely choose their workstation. teamspace offers companies that rely on desk sharing a platform to manage these shared resources.

Release workstations for booking

Companies decide individually which resources they want to release for booking by their employees. These can be individual desks, entire offices or special rooms with special equipment.

Special features of a resource can be specified directly. For example, is it a covered parking space or one specifically for e-cars? Does the office have a projector or a height-adjustable table?

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Book spaces online

Seats can be reserved quickly and easily via the online workstation management. Using a calendar view, employees can see which seats are available for the desired time. With a click on the calendar day, employees can make their booking. This also works in the home office or via web app while on the move.

Create standard scheduling

Do you regularly use offices in the same way or for the same people? No problem. Simply create a standard schedule. It is automatically valid for the set period and can be overwritten individually if necessary. This saves you unnecessary booking work.

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Coordinate team meetings

Video conferences are often the method of choice, but sometimes it simply has to be a face-to-face meeting. Workplace management is ideal for organizing this. As a team leader, simply view the scheduling of your team members. You’ll quickly get a picture of who’s in the office and when, and you can schedule meetings – no need for lengthy coordination or Outlook chain emails.

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Workplace management is just the beginning

Workplace management is just one component of enterprise software. Digitize all important processes in your company with teamspace, from contact management to personnel management and project accounting. Here you will find a complete overview of functions.

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