Changelog for Autumn Release 2023

Highlights of the new teamspace version

The new teamspace version offers you more automation and new possibilities for both your time recording and accounting.


  • Set working hours, vacations and capacities to the minute
    The system already offers a wide range of setting options within the scope of contract and working time data. With the new enhancement, working time, vacation value and plannable capacity can be set to the minute for each weekday and employee.
  • Enhanced functions for attendance times
    If an employee records times within a certain attendance category, the system automatically generates cost elements (e.g. for bonuses or commissions) if desired. Set-up times, travel times and the like can be compensated for using flat-rate delta values. In addition, access can now be restricted to user groups.
  • Unbooked working days at a glance
    It is particularly helpful for the month-end closing if those responsible can quickly and easily see on which days there are booking errors. The new menu tile “Unbooked workdays” is now available in the system for this purpose. Employees can find an individual overview under “My unbooked workdays”.
  • Create and send invoices automatically
    With teamspace, invoices can now be created, validated and sent automatically. The automatic invoice runs can be controlled via the order as well as via multiple actions in the order settlement. Instead of diligence, an occasional check is now enough, while their invoicing takes care of itself.

All other new features and improvements can be found in this changelog.



  • The feature to display Twitter accounts in the news tile has been removed. Instead, the tile now provides an RSS feed of our blog by default.

New functions

  • The working time configuration now supports the entry of the duration of individual weekdays.
  • Instead of a monthly closing, a weekly closing can now be used (configuration required).
  • A dashboard tile / working days list alerts the user to unbooked working days (configuration required).
  • In Cost Types and Items, tax codes and account numbers can be configured for exporting expenses and purchase invoices.
  • With the automatic cost element creation in attendance/absence categories for the monthly or weekly closing, certain surcharges (such as for on-call duty) can be mapped.
  • A delta value can be defined for attendance/absence categories, which influences the credited working time.
  • A separate payroll cycle can be stored for each customer, which overwrites the rules from the area and category (configuration required).


  • Vacation days can now be released automatically in case of sick leave (configuration required).

  • Menu notifications display multiple events bundled into one element.

  • Working time reports are possible for month-end closing (layout adjustment required).

  • Active discount column for document lists.

  • If an appointment is created from a ticket, the sales opportunity and project are copied from the ticket to the appointment.

  • Capacity calendars now show the plannable capacity instead of the employees’ contract time.

  • The line break used by file export interfaces can now be configured.

  • Retroactive editing of ticket items can now be configured more precisely.

  • New article unit “Messages”.

  • Warning message on vacation request if the representative is also on vacation.

  • The customer’s General Service Note is now displayed in the Sales Opportunities Detail Manager.

  • When creating a quote or order confirmation from a sales opportunity, CRM status and sales phase can be set.

  • Activity record can now be split by month and weeks.

  • When booking time on calls, the start and end time are automatically entered, provided that work is carried out according to configuration.

  • In milestones, work packages can now be created directly in the backlog.

  • The document name (invoices, offers, …) may now contain up to 255 characters.

  • Price list and bank details (customer, supplier) of the organization are now sent to Dept.

Bug Fixes

  • Value updates during data entry in a dialog no longer reset the cursor.

  • The Cost center column in the employee overview now displays all cost centers in the time filter area.

  • The page navigator in project time lists is hidden in the cumulative display.

  • Sorting of the Supervisor and Cost Center columns in the HR Employee Overview is possible again.

  • The salutation in the greeting formula is no longer replaced if it is part of a word.

  • Alarm mails were sent multiple times under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed capacity planning is marked with an icon again.

  • Export of the Overtime Forecast and Overtime Account columns now takes export settings into account.

  • Names in the My Colleagues tiles are displayed in alphabetical order.

  • Vacation column in the Working Time Analysis report can be exported again.

  • Taken vacation in the Vacation report can be exported again.

  • The heading in the time booking dialog is loaded correctly when a template is selected.

  • The “Reason” input field is no longer displayed when removing campaign contacts.

  • Gross Amount column is available again in the Billing Line Items report.

  • Data from the Contract and Billing Data group is now copied when creating a purchase order from a template.

  • When changing the billing type in items, obsolete values of the billing type no longer selected are removed.

  • Sales phases in the sales opportunities analysis are now