Invoicing Tickets

Track Times for Tickets

Track all working times with teamspace thanks to integrated time tracking and assign them to a ticket. The times are automatically transferred to the invoice.

Hourly Rates

For billing, teamspace automatically uses the correct hourly rates. Even complex rules by employee and customer are no problem.


teamspace accounts for surcharges for work at night, on weekends or during holidays. Of course, they are also included in the invoice.

Invoicing Workflow

teamspace takes a lot of work off your shoulders when it comes to service invoicing. The customer’s contact data and your document layout are transferred. Time bookings, activity descriptions and ticket identifiers also end up automatically in the corresponding order. All you need to do is create and send an invoice at the touch of a button.

Flexible Time Invoicing

When it comes to ticketing, you have many options to choose from, allowing you to bill exactly the way you want.

Service Intervals

Set any service intervals as the basis for calculation. This allows services to be billed at a fixed rate (e.g., half-hourly, hourly).

Internal and external times

If desired, you can differentiate between internal and external times. This allows, for example, minimum flat rates to be billed or goodwill times to be excluded from the invoice.

Time Budgets

Bill recurring lump sums with fixed time budgets. The software automatically detects when the budget is used up and how additional hours are billed.

Individual or Collective Invoicing

You can bill tickets individually or collectively, e.g. at the end of the month. Individual rules can be defined for each case.

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With teamspace you can easily bill your Tickets

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