Self-Service Portal for your Customers

External Access for your Customers

With teamspace you have the possibility to grant your partners and customers access to your ticket system. With this self-service feature, you work even closer and more efficiently together and relieve your service helpdesk.


Grant customers access to their tickets via an online portal. This allows them to create new tickets or respond to existing ones.


Share folders via the external access, any files can be uploaded and downloaded. If you wish, you will be automatically informed about new items.

Work with Tickets

Through the self-service portal, your partners and customers have a number of ways to work with tickets without having to call the help desk:

Individual Authorizations

Define whether employees of the customer company are only allowed to view their own tickets or all from their organization. You can also set who can only read tickets or also edit them.

View Invoices

Invoices can also be shared via the self-service portal. Your customers can then see the invoice number, date, total and payment status. You can also download the associated PDF file.
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Start your own Self-Service Portal for your Partners and customers

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