Manage Customers with teamspace

Digital Customer Management instead of Paper Folders

You have a lot of customers, but are starting to lose track of them? Then we have two good news for you:


  1. Great, obviously customers love what you offer.
  2. We have a simple solution for managing your customer data: teamspace.

Customers are important for your business, but they create a lot of data. File folders quickly reach their limits, not to mention heaps of paper. A digital solution is better. It lets you store customer data for the long term, securely and in compliance with applicable data protection regulations (DSGVO).

What Customer Data is important?

What information you want to collect about your customers varies by company. However, you will almost always need certain data. These include:

No matter if your customers are companies or end users, with the contact management in teamspace you are prepared for both cases. Do you want to store additional data that is important for you? teamspace offers free fields for this purpose. You then decide yourself what you want to store in them and what format the data should have.
Business Card CRM | teamspace

Manage customers – anytime, anywhere

With Cloud CRM Software like teamspace, you and your team always have access to your customer data. Regardless of whether you are currently working in the office or from your home office. What’s particularly practical is that data can also be entered and maintained while on the go. If a sales employee is at an external appointment, he can create new customers and prospects directly on site. All he needs is a smartphone or tablet. As a progressive web app, teamspace runs on almost any smart device. Contact and calendar data can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, Mac or smartphone if desired. This means you always have your appointments and all digital customer files with you.

Contact activities at a glance

teamspace not only collects your customer data, but also automatically keeps track of the events that have taken place regarding your contacts. Whenever you make contact with a customer or vice versa, you can find this process in the timeline for this customer if you wish.


The timeline gives you a quick overview of when you last had contact with a customer and on what topic. You will find all activities in the overview, for example …

This means that even employees who are not yet familiar with the customer have an immediate overview.

CRM Contact Timeline | teamspace

Company hierarchies and special contacts

With teamspace you can keep track of even complex organizations. For this purpose, you can create an organization chart for your customers. This allows you to assign contact persons to their respective departments or subsidiaries.


You can mark special contacts such as the chief buyer or the data protection officer. Then you can get to the right contact with just one click. You can classify people who are particularly important to you as VIPs and even assign them their own supervisor.

Individual authorizations

Often, certain customer data needs to be protected. teamspace has an extensive authorization system for this purpose. This ensures that your team members have exactly the access they need. For example, key account managers have full access to their customers, but not to the data of other key account managers.

Also suitable for prospects and suppliers

With the teamspace CRM database you can manage not only your customers, but also prospects and suppliers. This gives you a complete database with all contacts and you will never have to search through file folders again.

Try out teamspace

If you would like to manage your customers digitally in the future, simply test teamspace – free of charge and without obligation for 14 days. If you have any questions, our consulting team will be happy to help you.