Time Tracking for Microsoft Teams

Book Project Times for Team Meetings

In recent years at the latest, video conferencing has become the norm in many companies. Microsoft Teams has quickly become the standard tool. Teams meetings often replace physical meetings and have become part of customer service.


Instead of charging a flat rate of half or full days for work, many companies now need to track times of their project work much more accurately. Often, the effort is based on the duration of Microsoft Teams meetings.


Unfortunately, Microsoft Teams makes it difficult for users to assign Teams meetings and calls to their clients and to systematically track call durations. That’s why we’ve added a Microsoft Teams interface to the time tracking in teamspace. This allows you to view your phone calls and easily assign customers and times.

How do I track Times for Microsoft Teams Appointments?

teamspace is an all-in-one business software that allows you to track working times and book and invoice project times. Thanks to an integrated interface to Microsoft Teams, all incoming and outgoing calls as well as meetings are automatically tracked in teamspace.


You can see all Teams appointments at a glance and can conveniently book times on them and invoice them to the customer if desired. In your daily overview you will find all appointments of the respective day, including all Teams calls and meetings. With one click you get to the times overview and can book your working time directly. The assigned project and the duration of the call are automatically transferred.

Overview of your team calls and meetings

Thanks to the integrated telephone interface, teamspace automatically tracks all incoming and outgoing calls. By the way, this works not only for Microsoft Teams, but also for your telephone system, if desired.

Live Interface to Microsoft Teams

You can access your incoming and outgoing calls anytime and anywhere in the system via the sidebar. There you will find all calls of the last seven days. You can see the time and duration of the call. With the help of the integrated CRM system, you can also see the name and (if available) a picture of your contact. But you can also find live calls directly in the phone interface.

All Calls in the Overview

In the CRM system you will find a complete overview of your Microsoft Teams appointments. You can use quick filters to distinguish between Teams calls and meetings with multiple people. In the case of the latter, you can also distinguish between those that you merely joined as a participant and those that you organized yourself.


With one click you get to the main contact of the appointment and can, for example, attach documentation or book times on the customer project.

Phone Interface | teamspace

Create Contacts, Follow Up and much more

In addition to the simple time tracking for Microsoft Teams, you benefit from many other options to continue working with your Teams appointments.

Icon Contact | teamspace

At the touch of a button, you can jump to the CRM contact of the person you are talking to. There you will find all relevant contact data – e.g. address and phone number, but also assigned projects or invoices. Have you been in contact with a new prospect? Then simply create a new contact in the CRM system.

Icon CRM | teamspace

You want to document the content of the conversation? That’s no problem with teamspace. Simply create a CRM process and record everything important. Tasks or reminders can also be created quickly and easily. That way, nothing will be forgotten.

Icon Ticket | teamspace

With teamspace you can follow up a Teams meeting directly with a mail. With one click, you land in the mail editor of the ticket system and can compose your reply. If you wish, you can use predefined text modules.

Icon Calender | teamspace

You would like to create a follow-up appointment? Then simply click on the calendar icon. This way you create a new appointment in no time, e.g. a follow-up meeting in Microsoft Teams. Invitations and updates are sent automatically.

Create Microsoft Teams Meetings

Create Microsoft Teams meetings directly in the teamspace calendar. You can add internal and external participants. Everyone will automatically receive an invitation with the meeting link. Also, if you make any changes to the appointment, the participants will be notified automatically. Also, you can join the meeting directly in the calendar.

MS Teams Meeting | teamspace

Time Tracking for Microsoft Teams with teamspace

teamspace is the complete solution for your time tracking. Book your working hours directly on the projects you are working on. With the Microsoft Teams integration this is easily done for your Teams calls and meetings. Test our complete package now!