Order Time Tracking for SMEs

What is Order Time Tracking?

Service companies live from project business. The basis for this are customer orders, which are usually billed according to invested effort. With order time tracking, you document how much time your employees have invested in a project per order or order item. This tracking is the ideal basis for customer billing and internal cost analysis.

What are the Advantages of Order Time Tracking?

With order time tracking, you benefit from many advantages:

Track Order Times

You can track order times in different ways. teamspace offers you a number of options for doing so:

Track Times Online and Mobile

As a cloud solution, you can access teamspace time tracking anywhere and at any time. Check in and out at your home office or use the Progressive Web App on your smartphone. Breaks are also tracked. Times can be quickly and easily booked on your customer projects.

Check in and out at a terminal

Do you work mainly in the office? No problem. With a terminal, your employees log in in the morning and log out again in the evening. The process works either with chip, card or by tapping on a tablet. in the next step, you assign your working hours to the appropriate jobs.

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Booking Times with Template | teamspace

Use the Start/Stop Function

If you want to track an order time particularly accurately, start the integrated stopwatch at the touch of a button. It automatically tracks the duration of the activity, you can assign this to the appropriate order item in the next step.

Create Templates

If certain activities are repeated regularly in your daily program, you can simply create a template for them. You can then make new bookings of this type at the touch of a button. You can also book entire weeks quickly and easily.

Analyze Order Times

Order time tracking helps you to manage customer projects efficiently. You optimize your team’s workload, identify bottlenecks and can take countermeasures in good time.

Target / Actual Comparison

Good resource planning is especially important for parallel projects. With teamspace you can flexibly allocate your employees to customer projects and specify planning times. If desired, you can also work with capacities. Compare in real time whether your team is on schedule or whether there are delays. This way, you keep track of everything and can reschedule if necessary.

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Analyze Contribution Margin

With the help of integrated hourly rates and surcharges, teamspace automatically calculates the labor costs incurred for your customer projects. This allows you to monitor the contribution margin for your projects and ensure that your team is working profitably.

Intelligent Alarms

Monitor key performance indicators in your project controlling. teamspace automatically warns you if time or budget targets are not met. This way you use your time wisely instead of maintaining Excel spreadsheets.

View Order Status

Track which employees have already booked which times on your orders. Via project management, you can see at any time how far the project has progressed. You can also see which order items have already been fully or partially billed.

Settle Order Times

teamspace not only helps companies track and analyze order times. Thanks to the integrated finance module, you can also invoice your order times directly to the customer.

Billable Times

With teamspace you can easily distinguish between billable times and internal or goodwill times. Billable times can also deviate from the tracked time, e.g. for interval billing for SLAs. In this case, the tracked job time is automatically rounded up or down to the appropriate interval.

Payment Plans and Billing Rules

With teamspace, you can master even complex order settlements. You can create individual payment plans for each customer or project. If desired, you can link the billing to specific dates or the current project progress. The software informs you when the next invoice is due and automatically adds all billable items.

Time Sheets and Activity Reports

The software automatically creates an activity report for your tracked order times. If you wish, you can simply send this as an attachment to your invoice. In addition, teamspace also offers auditable timesheets. Supervisors or project managers can check times online and approve them directly in the system.

Individual Invoice Layouts

Create your invoices at the push of a button. You determine the layout yourself. Address and salutation are taken from the CRM module. The correct invoice items are also entered automatically. All you have to do is send the invoice – this also works directly from the system.

Activity Report & Timesheet | teamspace

Test Order Time Tracking with teamspace

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